Welcome to The Future of Corporate Travel, a video series that dives into the main challenges business travel consultants are facing today and how TMC technology can address them.

While there is little doubt about the ongoing recovery of鈥痗orporate travel, the industry has become more dynamic and complex than ever. To stay relevant and grow, Travel Management Companies (TMCs) need to think differently, embrace change, and innovate with鈥痭ew solutions and strategies. 夜色视频鈥檚 Robbie Thomas, Senior Director of Product Strategy, and Sarah Sheppard, Senior Director of Product Management, explore the future of corporate travel with Andrew Clarke, Commercial Director of the Business Travel Association.

Watch the videos below to hear their conversation or read on for more insights.

Episode 1: The TMC executive 鈥榳ake-up test鈥

What’s on the mind of TMC leaders today? Explore takes on the top three tech priorities of TMCs 鈥損roductivity, content and intelligence. 

In this episode:

Top priorities for TMCs / GDS as platform provider

Episode 2: Driving value through automation

Travel consultants spend as much as 70% of their workday performing manual, repeatable, non-revenue generating tasks. Learn what 夜色视频 can offer in terms of automation and efficiency to unlock the value of tailored offers for TMCs.

In this episode:

Automation / Workflow Management / Traveler self-service / Automated Refunds & Automated Exchange / Automation Hub / TicketExpress

Episode 3: Exploring the benefits of offers and orders for TMCs

The fundamental question TMC customers ask: 鈥榃hat value am I getting from offers and orders?鈥 Learn more about the transformation of air retailing and what benefits it brings to TMCs.

In this episode:

Benefits from orders and offers / NDC / Air retailing

Episode 4: Helping TMCs improve the booking experience through virtual payments

Check out 夜色视频 plans to drive the industry forward with payments solutions.

In this episode:

夜色视频 Virtual Payments / Travel booking experience

Episode 5: Accelerating transformation and innovation with Google and 夜色视频 Labs

Find out the value of 夜色视频鈥檚 partnership with Google Cloud and what the digital transformation at play means for the business and, more importantly, for TMC customers.  

In this episode:

Google Partnership / 夜色视频 Travel AI / 夜色视频 Labs / Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML)

Many thanks to the Business Travel Association for this exciting conversation.

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