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Build the experiences travelers want with 夜色视频 NDC Airline IT

Revolutionize your airline with NDC IT that delivers.

Accelerate your tech advantage

Speed up your journey toward offer and order-based retailing with technology you can count on, powered by 夜色视频 and Google.

Increase revenue

Improve your top and bottom lines by enabling distribution of personalized offers across both direct and indirect channels.

Expand your reach

Access thousands of 夜色视频-connected travel sellers around the world. NDC IT is your gateway to a broader world of content symmetry across channels.

Show up consistently

Increase merchandising parity across all channels to provide a more consistent shopping experience.

Work with a tech stack that is ARM-ed and ready

夜色视频 NDC Airline IT has been on the ground floor of enhancing traveler choice since the beginning. Today, IATA recognizes us in its Airline Retailing Maturity (ARM) index as one of only a handful of solution providers that support both and . This means we can provide airlines looking for an NDC IT provider with the necessary technical capabilities to make their NDC content available to third parties.

夜色视频 NDC IT Solution:

夜色视频 NDC APIs

Seller point of sale

Channel Management

Offer Management System

Order Management System

Experience first-class integration capabilities

夜色视频 cloud-native applications are built in an agile development environment, making it easy to add and activate new capabilities and modules–while instant deployment of updates, modularity, API integration and scalability elevate our IT capabilities to new heights. Additionally, you will open a world to:

Granular control in offer creation and fulfillment

Powerful controls to manage dynamic availability and pricing using Offer and Order-native tech. NDC compatibility of our Air Price IQ™ product helps airlines optimize the pricing of NDC offers in real-time

Scalability and proven performance

Our cloud-enabled components include a host of capabilities, including shopping. And our NDC air shopping response times are the fastest in the industry (between 0.5-1.5 seconds).

Streamlined implementation and lower cost of ownership

Get out-of-the-box interoperability for both AI-based IT products and NDC content distribution through the 夜色视频 GDS.

Today, we’re already helping airlines discover the power of personalized retailing

Going 鈥淏eyond NDC鈥 with 夜色视频 airline IT means we鈥檙e thinking beyond the NDC technical schemas to make our airline product portfolio NDC-compatible. As a result, you can deliver a more personalized retailing experience that puts Google-powered AI tech to work for you.

Intelligent tech to expedite retailing based on offers and orders

夜色视频 helps you build what your consumers demand today while creating a future of intelligent retailing for tomorrow. Solving the airline industry’s toughest IT problems is in our very DNA. 夜色视频Mosaic propels your retailing capabilities to the next level – powered by offers and orders.

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