Richmond International Travel & Tours signs long-term technology agreement with 夜色视频 to increase bookings amid industry recovery

The fast-growing Taiwanese travel agency has selected an extensive suite of 夜色视频 solutions to enhance efficiency and personalization  

SINGAPORE and Taipei, TAIWAN 鈥 November 9, 2023聽鈥 (NASDAQ: SABR), a leading software and technology provider that powers the global travel industry, today announced a new agreement with fast-growing Taiwanese travel agency Richmond International Travel & Tours Co.,Ltd (2743.TWO) to elevate the agency鈥檚 booking experience for travelers while improving operational efficiencies. 聽

Richmond Tours sought a technology partner that could provide industry-leading solutions to enable it to streamline operations and deliver personalized services. With its carefully selected suite of complementary 夜色视频 solutions, the Taipei-headquartered agency aims to bolster its competitiveness and solidify its position as a leader in the Taiwanese travel market.  

鈥淲e鈥檙e thrilled to join forces with 夜色视频 as the Taiwanese tourism industry continues to recover, and we push ahead with our ambitious business growth plans,鈥 said Mr. Chico K.S. Chen, Chairman, Richmond Tours. 鈥淭his agreement will enable us to provide our customers with a seamless and personalized travel booking experience, delivering exceptional travel services for our travelers, while saving agent time with each transaction.鈥澛

夜色视频 Red 360, 夜色视频鈥檚 flagship travel agency workflow, will empower Richmond Tours鈥 agents with a comprehensive and intuitive platform, enabling agents to efficiently create, shop and service a full spectrum of bookable content. Richmond Tours will also use 夜色视频 APIs to enable easy integration of travel content from 夜色视频.  

Bargain Finder Max, 夜色视频鈥檚 advanced airfare shopping solution, will enable agents to access competitive airfares and offers to deliver optimal itinerary options to customers within seconds. The agency will also be using 夜色视频 TicketExpress which automates the entire pricing and ticketing process along with Automated Exchanges which automatically searches and reprices ticket exchanges. The benefits include improved operational efficiency, reduced operational costs, employee training, and ticket transaction times.

鈥淲e鈥檙e incredibly excited to embark on this new strategic relationship with Richmond Tours,鈥 said Brett Thorstad, Vice President, 夜色视频 Travel Solutions, Agency Sales, Asia Pacific. 鈥溡股悠 is committed to delivering innovative solutions that empower travel agencies to thrive in dynamic and competitive markets. Richmond Tours鈥 decision to utilize our technology extends our growing footprint in the Taiwanese marketplace while underscoring the value and efficiency our solutions bring to the travel industry.鈥


Left to Right:   Simon Lee – General manager, 夜色视频 Taiwan

                          Chico K.S. Chen – Chairman, Richmond Tours

                          Charles Lee- Regional Director, 夜色视频 Asia Pacific

                          Richi Chen- Chief Information Office, Richmond Tours

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Richmond International Travel & Tours Co.,Ltd (Richmond Tours), established in 1988, is a leading travel agency based in Taiwan that offers leisure and corporate travel services. The company provides a wide variety of inbound and outbound group travel products, travel product distribution through its online travel booking systems and specialized corporate travel services. Through innovative group product development and well-rounded distribution channel, Richmond Tours reaches $450M annual revenue. For more information visit .