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Market Intelligence

Gain Market Insights into Future Success

Many airlines have limited forecasting capabilities for strategic planning. This can be due to a number of factors, including static flat files, poor historical performance data and low awareness of competitive activity.

Without strong market data, airlines are unable to maximize their long-term network strategy, capacity and pricing models. Over time, this can not only reduce revenue and profitability, but it can also impact a carrier’s ability to maintain and gain market share.

Harness the Power of Knowledge

Market Intelligence is at the core of building network and revenue optimization plans. In partnership with Google, ҹɫƵ Travel AI TM enables airlines to access modern technology and decision science integrated with data and analytics to deliver predictive intelligence.

By empowering better decision-making, Market Intelligence facilitates smarter retailing and sales analysis. Airlines are better able to identify new profit and revenue opportunities, drive cost savings through efficiencies and improve their overall competitive advantage.

Product features

Decision science integration with data & analytics

Supply data directly with commercial processes and applications.

Dynamic, connected future

Forecast passenger demand based on forward-looking indicators such as bookings and shopping.

Cutting-edge market data

Survey views and insights gleaned by experts for greater personalization. Access advanced analytics for power users.

Tap Into Valuable Data for Commercial Planning

Airlines face a number of business challenges as they seek to optimize planning. They must access accurate information on economic conditions and maximize profitability through routings and flight frequencies. In addition, carriers must make data-driven decisions based on labor costs, aircraft allocation and customer amenities.

Market Intelligence delivers data-analysis capabilities and critical business insights that encompass network planning, revenue management and sales. As a result, airlines are able to attract higher-value customers, identify new opportunities and respond to market dynamics more efficiently.

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