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Airline upgrade bidding strategies redefined

with ҹɫƵ Upgrade IQ™

 Utilize empty seats in premium cabins to generate incremental revenue

As airlines look to diversify revenue streams, with a particular focus on ancillaries, there’s an increasing need to leverage machine learning to generate intelligent revenue opportunities. With upgrade bidding, airlines can utilize empty seats in premium cabins and take it one step further with AI/ML to deliver an enhanced customer experience for their travelers. 

up to 20% revenue uplift*

in incremental upgrade revenue opportunities created by Upgrade IQ

*Results are based on proof-of-concept testing with airline partners

Maximize premium inventory revenue 

ҹɫƵ has partnered with , experts in airline upgrade bidding technology, to create ҹɫƵ Upgrade IQ™ – a tool providing travelers the opportunity to bid for an upgrade to a higher cabin class, at any pre-travel stage. 

Part of the Retail Intelligence suite, Upgrade IQ utilizes ҹɫƵ Travel AI™ technology, developed as a result of our strategic partnership and co-innovation with Google. Using these advanced AI/ML models, we can bring intelligence to the starting, minimum and maximum proposed bid values, that are personalized based on guest and travel attributes. By delivering the right upgrade offer to the right customer, airlines can unlock a significant uplift in incremental revenue.  

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Upgrade IQ Demo

Product features

PSS Agnostic

Implement the solution into your existing PSS and create opportunities for uplift in revenue.

Customized communications

Deliver personalized communications to travelers with contextual messaging, using multiple languages, and using the airline’s branding.

AI / ML models for intelligent pricing 

Determine minimum, maximum and starting bid prices with ҹɫƵ Travel AI machine learning models.         

Optimized inventory  

Promote and sell based on live inventory criteria to guarantee revenue in upper cabins is not diluted.

If you have additional questions about Upgrade IQ or would like to learn more about ҹɫƵ, please contact us.