The System


“Casablnca is a self-service solution, designed to run all your Influencer Marketing activities in-house. Handle, browse and sort your Influencers, create campaigns and ongoing collaborations, follow up on customized KPIs and take reliable, data driven decisions for best possible growth.” 


1 - Influencer Databank

This is where you create your own pool of amazing influencers. Upload or add the ones you’re interested in, sort and browse through these by different filters and pick the Influencers suitable for your next collaboration. 

2 - Influencer Profile 

An individual profile for each and every one of your Influencers. Includes all general information and - the best of all - eventual collaboration history! 

3 - Calendar

Plan, overview and follow up on all Influencer posts and campaigns - on all channels. 

4 - User Profile 

Keep track of your own work! Follow up on customized KPIs, find cash cows and reach your goals with reliable, data driven decisions. 


“Manage, plan, overview, evaluate and report Influencer Marketing in one place.” 

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