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We first met when we were both hired by a Swedish fashion brand to kickstart and build their Influencer Marketing department. We, like the majority, were keeping track of our work in self structured Excel sheets. But handling thousands of Influencers and even more collaborations in different sheets made hard to get a proper, overview and a reliable follow up.  

Our responsibility was to build the department we needed to reach our goals, and we soon realized that we needed a tool to succeed. We were approached by many different Influencer Marketing platforms but none of them matched our requirements. We wanted an easy system, with a 100% focus on Influencer Marketing and a non-limit in storing Influencer Profiles. And, not to forget - a system that doesn’t rob you on all your money 😜

When we didn’t find what we needed, the idea hit us - maybe we could build the Mother of all Influencer Marketing systems? And we started sketching. Bought an UX design program. Sketched, sketched, sketched. Learned how to write technical requirements. Hired a developer and launched Casablnca in February 2019. 

And we’re still there: on our way to build the best department possible. For everyone.


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