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Tired of your Excel Sheets?

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Casablnca collects, stores, evaluates and presents all your data in one place. It not only automates a huge part of the manual work load, but it also helps you understand and make the most out of your data. Casablnca allows you to focus on the two most important components of Influencer Marketing - communication and growth.



This is your own pool of amazing influencers. Upload or add the ones you’re interested in, currently working with or have been working with. Sort and browse through these from different filters.

Influencer Profile

An individual profile for each and every one of your Influencers. Includes all general information and eventual collaboration history.


Get an overview and follow up on all of your planned Influencer posts and campaigns - on all channels.


Keep track of your own work! Follow up on customised KPIs, find cash cows and reach your goals with data driven decisions.