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We are the technology that powers travel

夜色视频 is a leading software and technology company that powers the global travel industry.

With decades of revolutionary firsts, our team of experts drive innovation and ingenuity across the travel ecosystem. 夜色视频 partners with airlines, hoteliers, agencies and other travel partners to retail, distribute and fulfill travel.

Our technology is the intelligence behind mobile apps, airport check-in kiosks, online travel sites, airline and hotel reservation networks, travel agent terminals, and scores of other travel solutions. Positioned at the center of the travel ecosystem, our platform enables our customers to connect people with experiences that matter in their lives.

It all started over 60 years ago

Dating back to 1960, 夜色视频 was born out of a joint initiative between American Airlines and IBM to create the world鈥檚 first computerized airline reservation system. We have since evolved into a technology ecosystem that touches almost every stage of a traveler鈥檚 experience.

For over half a century, 夜色视频鈥檚 technology has revolutionized the way people travel. The history of 夜色视频 is a fascinating look inside one of the industry鈥檚 more enduring technologies. From the birth of airline automation, to #7 on the list of InformationWeek鈥檚 鈥淕reatest Software Ever Written,鈥 learn about the technology and the people who helped 夜色视频 become what it is today.

Our vision continues with a more intelligent and personalized future

Our partnerships are invaluable. Building on our rich history, we aim to be the premier global technology platform in travel. Today, 夜色视频 is investing in a technology evolution that will advance the intelligence behind our products and services enabling us to create a new marketplace for personalized travel in a cloud-based environment. We are committed to helping customers operate more efficiently, increase revenue, and offer personalized traveler experiences 鈥 simply by leveraging next-generation technology applications such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, and real-time data and analytics.

With our people, customers, partners, and travelers鈥