Partnering to make travel smarter and faster  

Travelers today seek exceptional experiences with personalized interactions and frictionless service. However, challenges like content fragmentation and technical complexity make it difficult for the industry to make such experiences a reality.鈥赌 

That鈥檚 why we鈥檝e embarked on a partnership with Google to deliver the modern travel retailing experiences of tomorrow. 

The power of partnership

Hear how our 10-year strategic partnership is intended to drive transformational journeys with our partners and customers.

Agility for hoteliers

Travelers are increasingly looking for unique amenities, personalized experiences, and smart tech-enabled properties. 夜色视频 helps hoteliers maximize retailing and distribution effectiveness and productivity with solutions that leverage 夜色视频 Travel AI™ and Google Cloud Platform capabilities.鈥赌 

A technology transformation to support customers

夜色视频 is also leveraging our strategic partnership with Google to invest in a major technology transformation effort that will increase efficiency and enhance product capabilities to deliver even greater value for customers. 鈥 

Scaling our technology

Travel businesses need reliable systems to handle increased web traffic when they run promotions or see surges in demand. To maximize uptime, 夜色视频 uses Google Cloud autoscaling to respond to demand in real-time.

Processing data faster

Every millisecond counts when delivering exceptional experiences for travelers and travel businesses. 夜色视频 is now closer to globally distributed customers with our solutions deployed in eight Google Cloud data centers spread across the globe.鈥

Modernizing our workforce

Equipping our global teams to use new technologies, cloud-native tools and processes is a critical part of our transformation. We are the second largest consumer of Google Cloud training worldwide 鈥 only behind Google.