Online booking innovator Hopper enables fast self-service options for travelers thanks to Automation Solutions powered by 夜色视频 APIs.

夜色视频 allows us to deliver immediate value to our customers with world-class automation, and all the options, rules, and fares in one place for easy shopping and much faster flight changes. 夜色视频 has always been a strategic Hopper partner from day one.

Kiera Haining
VP of Flights | Hopper

Frictionless, enhanced customer experience and faster refunds

25-30 minutes average agent鈥檚 time saved on each modification thanks to automation

65% less service calls with same or better customer satisfaction levels


Power intuitive and efficient experiences with traveler self-service

Online booking app Hopper puts the 鈥渂ig鈥 in big data price predictions. By analyzing over 30 billion travel price points monthly, Hopper helps travelers get the best flight deals by notifying them when prices are at their predicted lowest points.

The predictions are paying off. Hopper has the #1 most downloaded travel app in North America, and they have helped users book over . With high-volume bookings comes high-volume service and support needs related to post-booking exchanges, cancellations and refunds. Hopper developers rely on 夜色视频 APIs to easily integrate robust travel content and capabilities into the mobile app and online platform. 夜色视频 has been Hopper’s strategic retailing partner since its founding in 2007.

Kiera Haining is VP of Flights at Hopper and is responsible for the flight booking experience. She says that while customer service agents are always available to provide personalized flight changes through phone, chat and email, what most customers really want is to make their own changes in a modern app and online experience. She turned to 夜色视频 in search of a smoother and more intuitive experience for travelers to manage voluntary or involuntary changes.


Fast-forward with 夜色视频 Automation APIs

When Hopper needed to implement self-service post-booking capabilities, they teamed up with their dedicated 夜色视频 account management team to find the best solution that matched their needs. 夜色视频 Automation APIs enable manual tasks to be completed within the app instead of by agents. It鈥檚 an effective way to reduce manual workloads, costs and mistakes, so Hopper can focus instead on improving customer satisfaction and boosting revenue.

夜色视频 Automation APIs provide travelers a frictionless experience. When their plans change, or they are impacted by involuntary airline-initiated changes, they can update their itineraries in just a few minutes. 夜色视频 APIs aggregate and normalize the fragmented travel content and conditions, so Hopper developers can quickly deliver a consistent and intuitive user self-service experience no matter what travelers have booked. Additionally, automation helped increase the efficiency of Hopper’s customer service team, as well as offer products that drive real value for customers.

鈥淲ith an average customer service call taking 25 to 30 minutes, our customers sometimes want to cancel or browse, shop, and rebook on their own,鈥 Haining said. 鈥淕iving our customers who want the capability to browse all their flight options, make decisions on their own time, and then make the changes themselves is a much more convenient and cost-effective experience for everyone.鈥 Haining estimates that an average of 65% of Hopper鈥檚 customers already benefit from automation capabilities, while others may prefer to call an agent.


One step ahead 鈥 together

In addition to fully automating the post-booking process with 夜色视频 APIs, Hopper has also deployed 夜色视频 Virtual Payments. This solution facilitates faster customer refunds and adjustments and powers Hopper鈥檚 fintech travel products, such as special offer travel vouchers, referral rewards, and Carrot Cash™, Hopper鈥檚 in-app travel credit. 鈥淰irtual Payments is another 夜色视频 solution that smooths out incredibly sensitive payment friction spots like multiple forms of payments (credit cards, vouchers, and travel credits) as well as customer refunds,鈥 Haining said. 鈥淲e can offer more payment choices and refund customers faster.鈥

The two companies will continue their collaboration on reducing latencies in traveler shopping experiences to drive adoption, increase revenue and growth, and take Hopper鈥檚 retailing and customer strategies to the next level. By leveraging 夜色视频 Travel AI microservices built upon Google鈥檚 industry-leading Vertex AI, both companies look forward to extending AI/ML possibilities and strengthening their innovation partnership.

Over the years, the collaboration, idea exchanges and consultative sessions have created a strong bond between the two companies, and this is one of the many reasons why Hopper trust 夜色视频 as a technology partner for the future. 鈥溡股悠 leadership, account management and technical teams have always been incredibly responsive and also very interested in what we鈥檙e doing and how they can help,鈥 Haining mentioned. 鈥淭hey鈥檙e curious about how we want to serve our customers both now and in the future, and that鈥檚 why they continue to be such a good partner. We’re constantly looking for new ways to partner and think beyond, to figure out the next mountain to climb in the industry together.鈥

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